Ruby Monstas

Ruby Monstas stands for (Berlin) Ruby Monday Study Group’stas, and this is our homepage.

We are one of many project groups in the Berlin Rails Girls community, some of which can be found here.

We meet every Monday at 7pm at the Ganz oben office (the office on the very top floor).

If you identify as a woman, and want to learn programming Ruby, learn how to build a web application, or are otherwise interested in joining or supporting any of our groups, then feel free to come by, or get in touch via email.

Please feel invited to come visit, no matter what level you are on, or what previous experience with programming or technology you have. There are people on all kinds of levels, ranging from beginners with no previous experience to quite advanced members who now work in developer positions:

Everyone is welcome. Please join us.

At the moment there are around 20 people joining on a normal Monday, splitting up into 4 groups, and supported by 5 coaches:

People like to bring snacks which will be shared during the breaks.